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Yeppers, today i just realised that Google Chrome it's way better then Firefox for me! why ? well check this out... and see for yourself.

With the same amount of tabs open, and exactly the same websites, Google Chrome uses 10% while Firefox uses 40% resources, well atleast for me Firefox will no long work, Welcome Download Google Chrome!

If anyone wanna check it out, here is the download link.
Google Chrome

Concurs PCNews

Am gasit la altcineva pe blog chestiuta asta de mai jos (img) si am zis sa particip si eu la acest asa zis concurs!

Cei interesati folositi linkul de mai jos!
Concurs PCNews - SuperBlog
Success tuturor!

love me please, not!

love me!
love me please, not!
today i lust
tomorrow why not, my sorrow!
while dreaming of you,
in my plain text, shining!
too bad I lost you with a bet
on life itself, just breathing!
the sharp ending of what i say will brake you
this spear of words unsaid will hurt you
my feelings just for you, the lonely self
here I am, taking my heart out
just to show you love and sympathy, why not!
tearing me apart, you're braking me, slowly!
into pieces like glass and dust, you won!
surely I do deserve, all that!
and here I am, the lonely part of fifty fifty
nonsense and the rest of that nasty crap
stop pointing that finger
stop saying it's all my fault!
because it ain't, it never was, like that!
just a lonely fifty fifty part
bleeding foolishly, this is my heart, ...not!

love me!
a thousand years.
love me please! not.
a thousand miles of shaderred memories
a thousand miles of broken hearts
a thousand miles of sweet tears
a thousand chances for you and me
a thousand people like you, not.
a thousand years never seem too much, besides you.
a thousand years to feel your love again,
I'll wait for sure, I'll eat the pain, why not!

...painting you a thousand years in my heart!
love me please... not!

R.I.P Bernie Mac

I know it's kinda late, but IMO it's never too late to say something about someone like Bernie Mac, because anyway you'll watch his performances over and over again and they will be funny every single time you'll be watchin them, IMO this dude never had to try that hard to be funny, only by hearing his voice you'll be laughing your $SS off 'till you start crying, for joy of course cuz everything he ever said was hilarious but funny, the best thing i like of all his career (or atleast those I've seen) was that "I ain't scared of you muthafuckas!" i'm tellin ya i watched that shlt for 30 times over and over again and it was funny every single time 'till my eyeballs were almost poppin outta my head!

He will always be Remembered

And here are some funny stuff
Comedy Kings @ Big Mac funeral

His first and best appearence @ Def Comedy Jam

amintirea ce-ti iubesc nostim de mult

ti-as fuma un gand de bine
dar vad ca tot ma ocolesti
nu vrei sa ma privesti prea des
perfid nu-ti mustra coinstiinta
aleatoriu de fiecare data
cand imi observi abstractul interes
in lucruri simple fara de sens
ce ma atrag la infinit
si-n timp ce-ti dau de stire
ca-ti iubesc amintirea nostim de mult
ma pierd in samburele asta cult
de labirint ce-mi scartaie mereu
usa spre blogul tau
mi-e dor de amintirea ta
mereu cand iti pasesc gandirea
in ochiul mintii prin context.

ti-as fuma un gand de bine
in amintirea ta, si pentru tine
am sa-ncerc sa ma descalt de la intrare
de sentimentele ce-mi uda din reflex
gandirea asta lafel de absurda
defapt nu cred ca pot sa mai gandesc
cand te privesc de fiecare data
in ochiul mintii prin context.

Si asta doar pentru ca-ti iubesc nostim de mult amintirea din trecut,
si ma atrage la infinit, dandu-mi de stire ca tu existi acolo-n labirint

Pentru tine, draga amintire Lost Lady.

Dancing Shadows

The shadow of my toughs
Came back in my dreams, last night
And I wasn't Keanu Reeves
We fought for life and death
And only one could win
And then I started screaming
Until one was left standing
And then I woke up in the middle of some war
With the shadows of my toughs
Like in the second part of Déjà vu
Until Eight AM, last night
I won by chess mate, in the final round
When my shadows were pretty exhausted
That bastard Sun was shining on my side again
I taught I'll win this but i was wrong
I think'ed twice and I lost it all
When you pinched me saying it's alright
It's just a dream, it's just a nightmare
You're fighting with the shadow of your toughs

How stupid are Americans? Part 2

Like I've said before I have nothing against them, these are just funny stuff i find over the Internet, and that's about it.

So today picks are "Dumb Laws from Around the U.S" by CybernetNews


* You cannot chain your alligator to a fire hydrant
* You may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time


* It is considered an offense to push a live moose out of a moving airplane
* While it is legal to shoot bears, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited


* Hunting camels is prohibited
* Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs


* It’s illegal to mispronounce the name of the state of Arkansas in the state
* Flirtation between the members of the opposite sex on the streets of Little Rock may results in a 30-day jail term


* One may not carry a lunch down the street between 11 and 1 o’clock
* You may not bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time


* It is illegal to mistreat rats in Denver
* It is illegal for a woman wearing a red dress to be out on the streets after 7 PM


* It is illegal to dispose of used razor blades
* You may not educate dogs


* It is illegal to get married on a dare
* It is illegal to fly over any body of water unless one is carrying sufficient supplies of food and drink


* It’s a crime to give false weather reports
* It is unlawful for small boys to throw stones, at any time, at any place in the District of Columbia


* You may not fart in a public place after 6 PM on Thursdays
* Failure to tell your neighbor that is house is on fire is illegal


* It is illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless the shades are down
* You have the right to commit simple battery if provoked by “fighting” words


* Within the limits of any public park, it is unlawful to annoy any bird
* All residents may be fined as a result of not owning a boat


* The town of Idaho Falls, Idaho forbids anyone over the age of eighty-eight to ride a motorcycle
* Riding a merry-go-round on Sundays is considered a crime


* It is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals kept as pets
* Spitting is forbidden


* Men are prohibited from standing in a bar
* It is illegal to sell cars on Sunday


* One-armed piano players must perform for free
* A man with a moustache may never kiss a woman in public


* It is illegal to hunt whales
* It is illegal to put ice cream on cherry pies


* It is illegal to marry the same man more than 3 times
* It is illegal to fish with a bow and arrow


* It is illegal to gargle in public places
* Snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked


* After January 14th you will be charged a fine for having your Christmas decorations still up
* You may not step out of a plane in flight


* In Baltimore, it is illegal to mistreat oysters
* You may not curse inside the city limits


* Alcohol drink specials are illegal
* All men must carry a rifle to church on Sunday


* A Michigan law states that a wife’s hair legally belongs to her husband
* Smoking while in bed is illegal


* All men driving motorcycles must wear a shirt
* All bathtubs must have feet


* It is illegal to drive around the town square more than 100 times in a single session
* Horses are not to be housed within 50 feet of an road


* Hard objects may not be thrown by hand
* Minors can buy rolling paper and tobacco but not lighters


* Balls may not be thrown within the city limits
* It is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone


* It is illegal to go whale fishing
* If a child burps during church, his parent may be arrested


* It is against the law to pawn your dentures
* It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway

New Hampshire

* It is illegal to pick seaweed up off of the beach
* You cannot sell the clothes you are wearing to pay off a gambling debt

New Jersey

* Automobiles are not to pass horse drawn carriages on the street
* It is illegal to slurp soup

New Mexico

* It is forbidden for a female to appear unshaven in public
* Gambling on bicycle races is legal

New York

* You need a permit to transport carbonated beverages
* It is against the law to throw a ball at someone’s head for fun

North Carolina

* It is against the law to sing off key
* You may not ride a bicycle without having both your hands on the handle bars

North Dakota

* It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on
* Beer and pretzels can’t be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant


* It is illegal to ride on the roof of a taxi cab
* It is illegal to run out of gas


* If you wear New York Jets clothing, you may be put in jail
* Molesting an automobile is illegal


* You must let your dishes drip dry
* No more than two people may share a single drink


* No one is allowed to sleep on a refrigerator
* Singing in the bathtub is prohibited

Rhode Island

* It is considered an offense to throw pickle juice on a trolley
* You may not sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday

South Carolina

* It is legal to beat your wife on a Sunday morning on the steps of the state house
* No work may be done on Sunday. An exception is that light bulbs may be sold

South Dakota

* It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep in a cheese factory
* Movies that show police officers being struck, beaten, or treated in an offensive manner are forbidden


* It is illegal to catch a fish with a lasso
* It is illegal to gather and consume road kill


* It is illegal to milk another person’s cow
* It is illegal to drive without windshield wipers - you don’t need a windshield, but you must have the wipers


* It is illegal not to drink milk
* Women may not swear


* It is against the law to whistle under water
* Women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth


* Children are not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween
* Driving while not wearing shoes is prohibited


* All lollipops are banned
* It is illegal to pretend that one’s parents are rich

West Virginia

* Road kill may be taken home for supper
* If you wear a hat inside a theater, you may be fined


* It is illegal to wake a fireman when he is asleep
* Cheese making requires a cheese maker’s license


* You may not take a picture of a rabbit during the month of June
* Citizens of Cheyenne may not take showers on Wednesdays

Well if it would be possible i would like to add my own Dumb Law and that would be , It is illigal to spell my name after 7 AM. :)))

God Bless America, AGAIN!

La Multi Ani!? Automatica <3

De asta imi plac robotii, iti spun totul pe fata, nu te critica, judeca si nici nu vor sa te schimbe :) Tocmai de aceea trebuie sa le multumesc lor astazi cand inca mai traiesc o Toamna rece... citindu-le din noi mesajele.

Asa ca de plictiseala si in loc de altceva am sa postez si mesajele :)

Buna dimineata Claudiu,

Stim ca astazi este ziua ta si de aceea am dori sa iti uram
La Multi Ani,
multa sanatate si fericire si mai ales ...

succes in cariera !

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YAY ain't that fun?:)

Si normal trebuie sa-i multumesc lu' Enigma care-mi ura chestiile mentionate mai sus de ieri :D

Words to Remember - Fake

Ti-a vopsit sufletul in tot felul de nuante si culori amare si apoi dispare ca o oboare lasandu-te in ceata zilei de maine, cautand raspunsuri la intrebarile ce nu s-au pus la timpul lor, in timp ce tu ramai doar umbra celei ce erai odata frumusetea intruchipata.

Iluzia ar fi sa te minti c-ai sa faci asa cum vrei cand defapt spui adevarul mintindu-te de azi si pentru maine, stiind ca asta nu e solutia finala.

asta a fost scrisa intr-o zi mai furtunoasa, in acea zi a trebuit sa-mi tai putin ficusul trecutului din prezentul asta infinit, si i-am lasat doar o creanga de care sa ma agat din cand in gand prin gand asa cum zic eu mai mereu.

It's more easy to pretend being someone else then just being yourself, that's why everyone is so fake these days.

Coca-Cola Women's Best Friend?!

OK! Now everyone is like WTF?

Let's get some facts str8, about a week ago I was sooo freaking busy that I "forgot" to eat for like 48 hours, hows that possible? well there comes Coca-Cola! it seems the more you drink the less appetite for food you have, and yes that's a Fact. And then the ladies come into this problem, i know for sure there are plenty of you girls that starve yourself to death just to loose some of that "junk", well you don't have to worry much about it now, just drink as much Coca-Cola as you can and that way you won't even have the "I'm so hungry that i might eat a pig for lunch" feeling at all, it's like magic! 1-2-3 poof there goes the appetite, food will be the last thing on your mind!!!

PS: I'm not a girl, this ain't no Paid Adv, I surely don't need to loose weight. Just a TIP for the Ladies whom usually starve themselves to death 'till Anorexia and her twin sister Bulimia knocks at their Doors.
PS2: Those looks never last anyway so why bother killing your body just to look good for a guy that sooner or later will dump you for another one anyway? if he wants to be with you, he will, either you got 100 or 300 pounds +.

e 9a far-un sfert din nou

e 9a far-un sfert din nou
rosesc in oglinda ochilor tai
si-ti vad umbra impinsa de vant
gustand din marea ta, placere
nerabdator sa-mi scald privirea
sa-mi plutesc gandurile lin pe valurile din ei

e 9a far-un sfert din nou si-mi place
melancolia ma strapunge ca un burghiu de sase
de fiecare data cand ochii mei se deslipesc de-ai tai
abia astept ceasul de maine
pe cand ai sa pasesti din nou
aceeasi strada din gandurile mele

e 9a far-un sfert din nou si doare
si tind sa cred c-avem aceeasi soarta
caram in spate povara cuvintelor nespuse
neauzite in ochii tai si-ai mei, in lumea noastra
chiar daca-ti simt privirea
chiar daca-ti urmaresc irisii calzi
gandindu-ma la tine, te simt mult mai aproape
un pixel mai aproape intr-un tablou al amintirilor frumoase

e 9a far-un sfert si imi lipsesti
in cealalta parte a globului de cristal pe care-l tin in mana


te caut printre petale
ce-i drept aievea
si-ti simt mirosul dulce
exact asa cum te numesti
aceeasi tipatoare, mireasma
din tine-mi sorb fericirea
aceeasi roua dulce
ce-ti scurge lin fiecare petala
scumpa, draga-mi fiinta
de-ti visez chipul in fiecare zi
nori calzi si fara de soare
aceeasi cupola umbrita de-al tau Eu
sub care vietuiesc cu mii de ganduri
si toamna cade lent
si-ti pierzi din farmec
din culoare, dar tot suava esti
vara fara de sunet, pe buzele oricui
in rost cu soarele, cu acelasi nume
doar Eul tau si Eu vom fi nedespartiti
in toi de toamna, un sloi vom fi
topind aceleasi ganduri
prim semn de primavara

Sper ca n-am sa-ti uit si maine aceeasi plapuma cu gust amar,
si-am sa te readuc la viata udandu-ti radacina sufletului in fiecare zi.

Another Season of my Life - Blank Autumn

Eh, here i go again babbling about stuff and whining about life and how some things in life are just hilarious sometimes, like.. how love can cure addiction to some sort of stuff like smoking habits? that's a first :) and i really believe that's true, at least to me it worked for some time, but when you loose that thing that makes you do stuff without even thinking, that thing that drives you everyday, everything seems to come back as it was before or even worse.
Now some will say it was coincidence or whatever else but i felt it, it was there and it was real, maybe it doesn't work like that for everyone or maybe... who knows, it was just in my head or i was just daydreaming... Sometimes i wish everything was so easy as it is in movies and stuff, to just port there and do everything like that, easy and without having to think every step i take in this blank-ish-kinda-way of no motion and less pain full hopefully. It's like you're watching this beautiful movie almost like a dream side of life and then at "The End" everything goes black just like screen itself and you turn back to blank just like you were before, i really don't get it, why everything has to be so... so mean... so senseless and with all that said, i just believe all that nothingness of life would just go away... as soon as possible so i can be back to where i was, to where i wanna be, to where i do belong, and not just in a movie, not just in my dream, today, this year's Blank Autumn sweet Winter less surprising then ever, Welcome back my heavy Addiction.

You do spent all your life ruining others and their life's, without even knowing it, without even realising that someone hurts, someone will get hurt eventually and that's just you, because like that quote pretty much what goes around comes around and most of the times it's doubled or more, thinking you're too good to be just that, you tend to believe everything and you just fly by time and don't make no difference to just do it, it's easier doing it without even have'ta wake up, you just live in that dream hoping it will never end, but ya noe the clock will tick and will do alarm you or your life someday, somewhere in time.

Hurricane Ike Set to Slam Texas Coast ( Live )

Se pare ca Americanii au din nou probleme cu uraganele, data trecuta nu prea au fost pregatiti si multa lume a avut de suferit, multi glumeau pe baza uraganului trecut pentru ca, cica lui Bush i-ar fi trebuit cateva zile pana faca ceva concret, pe cand in Iraq/Afghanistan nu i-au trebuit decat 1 zi ca sa le duca ajutoare :)) deci iti poti da seama cam cat le trebuie lor sa procesese chestiile astea foarte importante :) stiu ca nu e de ras cu si anume chestiile astea dar na! cel putin pentru mine a fost funny!

Pentru mai multe detalii check this!
Hurricane Ike Set to Slam Texas Coast - Live Streaming

Well, God Bless America! AGAIN!

In ce tara ai vrea sa traiesti?

Am preluat o leapsa, si m-am tot gandit, chiar azi cautam informatii despre Japonia si alte chestii de'astea, sincer mi-ar place sa locuiesc acolo, poate mi-ar trebui mai mult timp sa ma decid unde anume dar cred ca in Asia :) Cel putin pentru mine partea aia a globului e foarte interesanta, daca tot m-am interesat astazi pe net am aflat ca exista un tip de viza numit "Viza pentru Hong Kong" mai exact..
Viza pentru Hong Kong 1. Potrivit Acordului între Guvernul Regiunii Administrative Speciale Hong Kong şi Guvernul României cu privire la scutirea reciprocă de vize, cetăţenii români, indiferent ce fel de paşaport deţin, sunt scutiţi de vize pe teritoriul Hong Kong pentru a perioadă de şedere maxim de trei luni şi numai cu scopul turistic, de vizită la rude sau de afacere.
Deci e similar cu ce avem noi aici in EU, poti sa te duci fara viza ex. la Hong Kong sa-l vezi pe King Kong :))
Daca e cineva care a fost prin Japonia si stie mai exact "chichitele" si detaliile despre joburi vize alea alea, va rog sa-mi lasati un comment :D

Dau si eu leapsa mai departe celor din blogrollul meu :)

Sfarsitul Lumii ?

Mda, la TV, prin ziare, pe mirc, prin 234234 de massuri, peste tot doar asta vezi Sfarsitul Lumii! Nush la ce se zbate lumea atat, chiar daca ar fi adevarat nu acum trebuia sa fiti agitati ci cu 1-2 ani in urma! cam asa ar trebui sa fie logic nu acum "pe ultima suta de metri" toata agitatia lol!
In caz ca si mai ales DACA ar fi sa fie asa, iubiti-va mult! maine cica e Sfarsitul Lumii deci in seara asta rupeti patul :)))) asa ca sa nu uitati pe lumea cealalta cum a fost :))) Toti virginii au acum scuza perfecta pentru a`si incepe viata sexuala :))) cautati sa spuneti celor dragi ce aveti de spus si mai ales sa va cereti iertare pentru toate pacatele :))

Sa ne revedem cu bine pe partea cealalta, cu acelasi zambet shifonat pe buze :)

PS: Atentie la Semafor!

Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

Where do i belong?

I'll be yours forever,
but u will never be mine...

Nothing, but this,
but that, all my,
nothing. Just that
and my new soul
ex that nor this
mate, Still just..
and weird but simple
Nothingless of life.

Drive Safe! No Seatbelt, No Excuse! etc

Mda inca un semnal de alarma pentru conducatorii auto si pentru ceilalati, chiar daca tu crezi ca esti un sofer destul de bun, e deajuns ca altii sa nu fie lafel si uite asa se intapla cate un accident chiar daca nu esti tu de vina, ba chiar daca nu esti tu la volanul unui automobil si esti doar un simplu trecator!

Moartea nu bate la usa niciodata!

Suburbia gandurilor mele

e Noua far-un sfert

in suburbia gandurilor mele
din cand in gand, prin gand asa
o lume mica sade-n stol
un sat mai vechi, ce sta sa cada
din lumea visurilor
doar tu-mi lipsesti
alinare, ca o cascada
pe strada mea,

si acolo-n sat, pe ulita-mi de vis
e noua far-un sfert
si-astept sa vii mereu
pe ulita gandurilor mele
sa-ti aud soapta ce-mi alinta
si tremur tot, in vis
in suburbia gandurilor mele

acelasi gand, ca un dispret
ma doare...
bate la usa mea
mereu un stol de ganduri
cutremurand totul, amintirea ta
o simt in vene, si-i noua far-un sfert
si tot astept sa vii
in suburbia gandurilor mele

si barba-mi las
pe fiecare strop, de zi
ce-astept sa vii, in paradis
in satul meu, acolo
sa-mi gadili struna
exact asa cum stii, de jale
intr-una ca nebuna
e noua far-un sfert, o alta zi
in suburbia gandurilor mele

o picatura din soapta ta
in vis as vrea s-aud din nou
fara dispret, nici lacrimi
ca-n targ sa-ti vand, acelasi gand
pe strada mea, in satul meu
fara de caini si de pisici
la noua far-un sfert, in lumea mea
mi-e dor de tine, mi-e dor si doare

doar tu-mi lipsesti si Te Iubesc
la noua far-un sfert, in Lumea Mea
in suburbia Gandurilor Mele.