1 Year of Abstract Shapes Blogoversary

I didn't even check this untill now, i saw on some blog a counter and then i realised that this blog has been up for 1 year :D so it's not too late to say Happy Birthday :D since it started with a question like "Have you found joy in your life?" i guess now it's the time to answer it, i guess i've found some joy in my life, nor in all the things because then it would've been way too easy but i deffinately haveta say Yes, i did and i'm thankful for that, i've kinda learned to swim between sadness and misery and many other shapes just to enjoy for sure only the joy in any way possible even in the smallest things, those details count alot when you look at the whole picture, now ending the same with a question, can you paint a painting with all those shapes of joy you've found in your life?

Aberative Beats - Marry Me

Really touchy and funny, and sîc sîc dari! it's mine now!:D

Abstract Shapes - Price of Silence


With every word unspoken, one innocent soul dies every minute, how much can you endure the pain? when all you see around you is just dead people, i bet that silences you, but don’t be afraid, we all know that fear is the best weapon for silence, but keep in mind, what doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger.

Speak up for Human Rights

With every crime an angel pours an ocean of tears
With every genocide some angel will lose it's wings
Soon the angels will be out of tears and wings to spare for us
And there will no longer be someone to watch over us,
So noone will ever hear us, drowning in our prayers.


Un dinte pentru Tine -II-

azi am un dinte pentru tine
drept cadou un cavou sau doua
cuget, asta da nesimtire
ceai de roua, ninge, poate ploua

azi sunt nimic, ninge
miroase a caini flamanzi
cu buzele crapate-n soapte
si ochi albastri rancezii
azi am un dinte pentru tine

cu fiecare umbra de cuvant
o coapsa dintr-un corp parasit
spera la ziua de maine
amagita de zambetul tau fericit
azi un dinte moare in nestire

intr-o gara ninge, pustiu
intr-un corp pustiu, ploua
sicriu, intr-un chip de roua
cu buzele fripte, in ceata
in ploaie pierdut, pentru Ea
azi am un dinte, drept Oda.

Abstract Shapes - I Love You

I'm sick! not because of love, lol silly! I'm sick and tired of seeing so many stupid things like "100 ways to say I Love You" like you have one Woman each and every day and you just have to find another way of saying it differently, but why? so you don't get bored of saying it? or just because you don't feel it anymore so you have to pretend like you do so you can get your daily piece of "cake" and if it's possible with a cherry on top too! how selfish is that? i mean ok! for some it might seem a good "deal" to trade a few words for a vagina 2 boobs and a nice ass! oh my! that's like winning the lottery with one ticket on which you've spent nearly a buck! but not many realise that those stuff come in handy just for some time and after that... you're no longer in a relationship with the vagina 2 boobs and that nice piece of.. like i was saying, many just go for the looks throwing at you any bait they can so they can throw their man in the "can", get it?! yea silly! if you know what i mean you'll have a smile on your face just about now, silly! yea it may seem that way 'till time takes away all that can--dies and you'll endup with ? what exactly? not much or nothing like many would say or think now... well you got two people and a life sack of feelings whom start to change their colors, and now i'm not really talking about the white hair (in case that you're lucky to still have any left) nor the skinny bodies with the almostransparent skin thru which you almost can see your bones not even talking about your veins, i'm talking about those feelings, true that is, those which grow deep deep inside you and whom motivates you sometimes more then anything else, those which keep you on track (the right one mostly) and that's about it, what can two elderly people do with only that to keep their relationship going? and how come 9 of 10 times they do succeed while the young ones like us, have tons of others things and need more and more things to keep a relationship going atleast for some years? what's the freakin secret? sex sex sex! some of us would say :)) yea why not? like 3 times a day? same like eating! but what if it was like breathing? lol! now i really wonder how much a relationship based on sex, after each breathe will survive? a day? LOL maybe 1 hour? :))) so let's say you're a "minute" man, can you count how many times you'll "make love" with your girlfriend based on those stuff? no! let me ask you something else... can you Deal with that? well even if you would be a rabbit still i doubt you can do it, but wait this ain't all about you! we always think about ourselves, because we always "think" that we are the "active" part in that issue but that's not even the point, when in fact even tho we all have needs we should atleast ask if it's ok for both, because you know, you're not alone in a relationship, there are two parties that have to be "satisfied" by all means. And that's where we the Humans, fail to succeed most of the times and that's exactly the main crack in a relationship, when one it's not happy something is wrong and when one doesn't get what he needs from that relationship, normally will try to get it from anywhere else and then comes the "cheating" part, when one starts cheating the other will notice it eventually because you know when too many things are missing, they always seem to come from outside, so at this time a "battle" will start with who cheats on who more or whoever gets tired first or just bored and like ALWAYS it tends to come back from where it started. So now you'll have two options either try to fix it and move on, or move along each on their way, for men it seems like a heaven to be and feel free again, another chance to taste some "fresh" air but good people are hard to find so eventually they will try to come back to their comfort zone even tho that vagina nor those 2 boobs and even that... aren't what they used to be, nothing's that attractive anymore, and even tho sometimes it's way then too late they will beg their way back inside and that's another mistery for me. Why would go and do so much damage and mess for something that you can't even have for long nor deal with so much anymore, and sometimes i tend to believe these ladies when they say we haven't transformed from monkies, maybe it was a big horde of pigs because i really don't get any of those stuff. But from what i've learned even tho i ain't that old(26-goingto50) i believe that words are the ones which bring us together but in the same time they can brake us apart, that's why i believe that saying "I Love You" means nothing if you don't Feel the same, while Feeling and showing it worth a whole lot more then those words, it doesn't matter if you know how to say it in 23423434 different languages nor if you say it 23499234432 times a day if it's just for a single purpose, and yes in the first years of your relationship those simple words can buy you a vagina 2 nice boobs and a healthy piece of meat but none of those will last, and eventually you'll endup with a whole bunch of words and noone to sell 'em to, which isn't a longrun deal so sooner or l8r you'll be broke so you'll need to file for emotional bankrupcy, but you'll never get back all the time lost, because it's lost for good. That's why you should be careful with whom you wanna share your sand glass with.

WTR: Don't marry your Toy thinking you'll get a Personal Vagina for the rest of your pathetic life, because somewhere in time you will Regret it, but that Time will be too late.

Words to Remember - Empty

Cateodata stau si ma gandesc oare cat poate trai o persoana fara dragoste... fara atentie, fara liniste, cat poti trai gol pe inima goala cu sufletul gol si mintea plina de intrebari fara nici un raspuns? oare cat poti suferi runda dupa runda la infinit asteptand sunetul de sfarsit, sunetul clopotului sau mai bine al ceasului din tine, iar maine e o alta runda in care ar trebui sa lupti cu tine insuti incat sa-ti recastigi macar increderea de sine sau cel putin o farama din cata incredere aveai in ceilalti din jurul tau, cat mai poti trai intr-o lume unde toti din jur ti-au ajuns marionete, papusi ce odata ti-au fost fiinte cel putin interesante, ti-au fost fragmente de viata care, cand treceau pe langa tine iti aruncau cate un zambet drept vibratii de sentiment, precum un os la un caine infometat aproape putrefiat, aproape decedat inauntru, cat mai poti purta povara cuvintelor nespuse sperand ca intr-o zi se vor muta in mintea altcuiva, sperand ca o sa ganditi intr-un final lafel de fel nefericiti. Ce se intampla cu toate intrebarile fara de raspuns cand mori? oare chiar trebuie sa vezi si ce e dincolo de usa suprema ca sa afli raspunsul la toate intrebarile ce te-au macinat o viata intreaga? oare chiar se merita sa-ti dai viata pentru o povara de-o viata? oare merita sa fii povara cuiva o viata intreaga sperand ca undeva in timp lucrurile se vor schimba? in bine .. in ceva, altceva decat ceea ce nu ai astazi? altceva decat visul in care traiesti cu speranta ucisa dinainte sa te nasti macar. oare dece unii accepta sa traiasca o viata pe care o detesta atat de mult incat nu mai simt nimic pentru nimeni si nimic? oare dece nu au inventat astia o minte detasabila, sa ai un rack din nastere si oriunde in timp, in viata cand te saturi de propria minte sa o arunci si sa-ti cumperi alta 9a fara pic de regrete, fara o constiinta plina de pete, oare dece nu poti uita lucrurile care nu te fac deloc sa te simti bine, dece trecutul ne musca mereu din prezent doar ca se ne arate cat vii suntem, cand defapt nu mai simti nimic, nu mai poti simti nimic pentru nimeni, nu mai speri la nimic pentru ca oricum toata viata ta a fost doar un fum de vis, esti atat de viu intr-o moarte clinica, o alta papusa, o alta marioneta pe care doar cei din jur au privilegiul de a o manevra si controla, esti ca un brat de macara dar nu ai niciodata norocul sa-ti poti folosi propria telecomanda, singura farama de lumina din viata ta pare mereu controlata de viata in sine, telecomanda ce inca te mai tine viu printr-o moarte clinica magerandu-ti propriile vise zi dupa zi pana cand cineva acolo undeva se gandeste sa apese pe butonul magic si usa divina ti se va deschide cazand intr-o cascada a timpului necunoscut de tine azi, dar la care speri din ce in ce mai mult pe zi ce trece, oare speranta chiar nu moare niciodata? chiar daca tu te-ai oprit de mult? chiar daca tu mai esti viu doar printr-o moarte clinica?
Astazi astept sa apesi butonul magic sa-mi dai drumu sa zburd, sa zbor liber pentru prima si ultima data... lasa-ma sa ma scald in cascada gandurilor tale, macar un minut ca sa pot lua o decizie, macar acum pe ultima limba de ceas aratandu-mi viitorul dupa care tanjesc dar pe care n-am sa pot sa-l traiesc printr-o moarte clinica, asa da vis, gol pe inima goala cu sufletul gol si mintea plina de intrebari fara nici un raspuns,
oare esti chiar tu raspunsul ce-mi macina azi viitorul?

LOL Mood: Kung Fu Auditions

ROFLMAO that afro dude made my day forreal !!!!

Hackers Are People Too

Leonardo da Vinci was a Hacker? :)

Aer pe tevi in loc de gaz

Mda m-am trezit dimineata pe la 7 sa-mi fac o cafea, ce sa vezi? invart de buton si ... nimic.. doar un sunet de parca batea vantul prin teava, m-am plictisit de apasat pe butonul de aprins si daah! incepusem sa fredonez melodii pe ticul de la scanteie, intr-un tarziu pe la 8 si ceva am reusit sa-mi fac cafeaua, dar deja imi trecuse pofta dupa 2a cesti de cafea rece! noroc de 3in1! ;))) dar totusi fiind destul de rece am zis ca mai merge si una de cafea calda :D presimt ca nu vor fi lucrurile atat de roz cum zicea domnu Suit la TV si cred ca ne asteapta niste vremuri precum cele de pe timpul domnului cu aceeasi porecla! saraca domna Ceasca crem colorata chiar crede ca chestiile astea nu vor avea repeRcusiuni mai tarziu :) ce trist.