Aberative Beats.

Bored, The Way I am.

i justtttttttttttttt loook in the mirrrorrr
i justttttttttt loook at the clock
i just try not to think about timeeeeee
the time, those times
am i am who i am
am i a lonerrrr
a dreamer or so
you are what you are
a dreamer or so
a loner or something
the world in me
seems perfect
the way i am
the way we are
i know this to be so
a dreamer or so
juuuuuuuuuusttttttt looking in the mirrrorrrrrr
just looking at the clock
forgetting time
that time, this time
for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, i am who i am
i know your secrets
a dreamer or soooooooooooooooooooooooo
simple or something
the way i am
forgetting time
this time, forever
i hope
won't end that soon
the way i am now...
and nothing else but that.

Have you found joy in your life?

Weh my first post :)

Lately someone ask'd me this question... if i found joy in my life so i had to do it, there goes my answer :)

I strive to think i'm not yet in the position to judge either i found it/em nor how many times felt that, but i for one think i am feeling that such thing called joy everytime i am beside the one thing i miss having beside me.

So help me god..