Abstract Shapes - Price of Silence


With every word unspoken, one innocent soul dies every minute, how much can you endure the pain? when all you see around you is just dead people, i bet that silences you, but don’t be afraid, we all know that fear is the best weapon for silence, but keep in mind, what doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger.

Speak up for Human Rights

With every crime an angel pours an ocean of tears
With every genocide some angel will lose it's wings
Soon the angels will be out of tears and wings to spare for us
And there will no longer be someone to watch over us,
So noone will ever hear us, drowning in our prayers.


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  1. fate says:

    Nice blog, and i guess happy birthday to it

  2. Beautiful image, I didn't even know one can take such pictures.

    Lovely. ;)