1 Year of Abstract Shapes Blogoversary

I didn't even check this untill now, i saw on some blog a counter and then i realised that this blog has been up for 1 year :D so it's not too late to say Happy Birthday :D since it started with a question like "Have you found joy in your life?" i guess now it's the time to answer it, i guess i've found some joy in my life, nor in all the things because then it would've been way too easy but i deffinately haveta say Yes, i did and i'm thankful for that, i've kinda learned to swim between sadness and misery and many other shapes just to enjoy for sure only the joy in any way possible even in the smallest things, those details count alot when you look at the whole picture, now ending the same with a question, can you paint a painting with all those shapes of joy you've found in your life?

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  1. Dariana says:

    Happy Birthday, ASOF!!! And as many beautiful shapes as possible. Yes, I could paint a thousand paintings with the shapes I have gathered all these year(s), I'm pretty sure you have a nice collection yourself. Art collectors... Life collectors.
    Be there on a forsaken birthday as well ;)

  2. Keep up the good work. I hope you'll have many celebrations in the years to come.

    Best of luck!