Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

Where do i belong?

I'll be yours forever,
but u will never be mine...

Nothing, but this,
but that, all my,
nothing. Just that
and my new soul
ex that nor this
mate, Still just..
and weird but simple
Nothingless of life.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ceva superb:X

    Auzisem de trupa asta dintr-un film, dar nu credeam ca exista si in realitate...

  2. Docica says:

    ai dreptate: niciodata nu e prea tarziu...
    Flmul asta mi-a placut muuuuuult! Pacat ca nu am apucat sa vad finalul...nici nu stiu daca a aparut?!