R.I.P Bernie Mac

I know it's kinda late, but IMO it's never too late to say something about someone like Bernie Mac, because anyway you'll watch his performances over and over again and they will be funny every single time you'll be watchin them, IMO this dude never had to try that hard to be funny, only by hearing his voice you'll be laughing your $SS off 'till you start crying, for joy of course cuz everything he ever said was hilarious but funny, the best thing i like of all his career (or atleast those I've seen) was that "I ain't scared of you muthafuckas!" i'm tellin ya i watched that shlt for 30 times over and over again and it was funny every single time 'till my eyeballs were almost poppin outta my head!

He will always be Remembered

And here are some funny stuff
Comedy Kings @ Big Mac funeral

His first and best appearence @ Def Comedy Jam

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  1. si mie imi placea mult bernie :(...

  2. He was a legend in his own right.