Coca-Cola Women's Best Friend?!

OK! Now everyone is like WTF?

Let's get some facts str8, about a week ago I was sooo freaking busy that I "forgot" to eat for like 48 hours, hows that possible? well there comes Coca-Cola! it seems the more you drink the less appetite for food you have, and yes that's a Fact. And then the ladies come into this problem, i know for sure there are plenty of you girls that starve yourself to death just to loose some of that "junk", well you don't have to worry much about it now, just drink as much Coca-Cola as you can and that way you won't even have the "I'm so hungry that i might eat a pig for lunch" feeling at all, it's like magic! 1-2-3 poof there goes the appetite, food will be the last thing on your mind!!!

PS: I'm not a girl, this ain't no Paid Adv, I surely don't need to loose weight. Just a TIP for the Ladies whom usually starve themselves to death 'till Anorexia and her twin sister Bulimia knocks at their Doors.
PS2: Those looks never last anyway so why bother killing your body just to look good for a guy that sooner or later will dump you for another one anyway? if he wants to be with you, he will, either you got 100 or 300 pounds +.

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  1. Coca Cola mi se pare cea mai nociva bautura din toate timpurile [ un fel de otrava comerciala] :D
    d`aia nu beau eu veci ;)
    se pare ca va trebui sa`mi gasesc alt "Best Friend" in ale slabitului :))