Another Season of my Life - Blank Autumn

Eh, here i go again babbling about stuff and whining about life and how some things in life are just hilarious sometimes, like.. how love can cure addiction to some sort of stuff like smoking habits? that's a first :) and i really believe that's true, at least to me it worked for some time, but when you loose that thing that makes you do stuff without even thinking, that thing that drives you everyday, everything seems to come back as it was before or even worse.
Now some will say it was coincidence or whatever else but i felt it, it was there and it was real, maybe it doesn't work like that for everyone or maybe... who knows, it was just in my head or i was just daydreaming... Sometimes i wish everything was so easy as it is in movies and stuff, to just port there and do everything like that, easy and without having to think every step i take in this blank-ish-kinda-way of no motion and less pain full hopefully. It's like you're watching this beautiful movie almost like a dream side of life and then at "The End" everything goes black just like screen itself and you turn back to blank just like you were before, i really don't get it, why everything has to be so... so mean... so senseless and with all that said, i just believe all that nothingness of life would just go away... as soon as possible so i can be back to where i was, to where i wanna be, to where i do belong, and not just in a movie, not just in my dream, today, this year's Blank Autumn sweet Winter less surprising then ever, Welcome back my heavy Addiction.

You do spent all your life ruining others and their life's, without even knowing it, without even realising that someone hurts, someone will get hurt eventually and that's just you, because like that quote pretty much what goes around comes around and most of the times it's doubled or more, thinking you're too good to be just that, you tend to believe everything and you just fly by time and don't make no difference to just do it, it's easier doing it without even have'ta wake up, you just live in that dream hoping it will never end, but ya noe the clock will tick and will do alarm you or your life someday, somewhere in time.

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  1. allesya says:

    True. Ne indreptam prea mult atentia catre tenebrele noastre sufletesti si le neglijam pe ale celor apropiati sau pe cele pe care chiar noi le provocam.