In the name of the Sun

Living on the 4th Floor of the Rainbow
Yesterday i Felt you
designing one of my Dreams
each Side, one by One
each Corner, line by Line
alone on the streets of my Mind

Living on the 4th Leaf of the Rainbow
Today i Felt you
carried by the Blow of the Wind
blown to Me by the Breeze
wishpering Sweets
another lost Shadow
alone on the Streets of my Mind

Living on the 4th Color of the Rainbow
Yesterday Ive sent Back
A letter Home in the Past
to my Future ex Wife
letting her Know
That im Not coming Back.
alone on the Streets of my Mind

Living on the 4th Floor of the Rainbow
Each day a Sorrow
light filling Feelings
one by One, line by Line
Designing each Corner
humiliated by the Illuminated
alone on the Streets of my Mind
Yet another lost Shadow, Felt You

"The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen."

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    Mult succes!

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