Words To Remember - Basic Circles

Sometimes i really wonder why people crave for so much attention like they are suffering from a personality disorder, that's like nowadays most common disease, what's more funny is that actually 90% of them calls it "socializing", when in fact it's just merely insane to attack anyone arround without being able to control that aggressive behavior for the sake of attention, first to come --first to be served, just point and shoot. They don't care if those people are purely strangers or even elderly, they just have to find something to related with in order to get to that point when everyone's attention is pointed at them and only at them the whole time, so much that they can feel it. Now if i were a doctor i would throw all these Animals in a hospital like any other psychopath for mental health whom are using the ole tools like aggressive narcissism because they are not able to process reasoning at all.
Now if you are one of those Animals i suggest you go straight to the first Park in your city and start screaming out loud, i'll promise you that someone will come as soon as possible to help you out with your mental problems, or even throw you some cois, a lucky psycho that is.

ps: copiat :)

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  1. I didn't really understend it wel, but seem interesting.

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