Mesmerise with Bull....Crap !

Omg i'm so like reallllly annoyed by all these ads or wannabe "tips" for having a better relationship... i mean wtf? >.> and here are some lame examples...

"Make him Think you are the "Woman of his Dreams". or "Make her Think you are the "Men of her Dreams" wtf?... that's just plain BS!

By that time he or she already knows what you are/or mean exactly for him/her, you can't just say stuff to make people believe something which in fact it isn't like that at all, because that's basically like you're lying just for the moment to make him or her feel good and that's another crap that i don't really like because after one lie a bunch more will come to cover the first one and so on in a infinite loop of lies. I mean the people have been doing these stuff for such a long time that they forgot what is real and what's not, in fact sometimes they would prefer to be lied just so they feel better, because they can't stand the truth, but that doesn't last and sooner or later you'll see the truth and then it will hurt. But heyyy wait a sec, who is always screaming that Men are liars? oh yea ! And who's fault is that? lol i bet that doesn't count does it ? "Tell me I'm Beautiful!!" "Tell me you Love me!!"
Is there a difference for you? from being lied and wanting to be lied ? i don't see any difference's at all, it's a LIE! no matter how colorful it is!
And to give a funny example, Men's are like a dogs, the more tricks you teach him the more tricky he gets, In the end 50% its merely your fault :)

But hey that's just my opinion.