How stupid are Americans?

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The best of all..

Some things from these vids are mindblowing.. one of them would be the Eiffel Tower in Australia.... and Europe is a COUNTRY? that's hillarious.

How come America is so powerful if knowledge is the power? Yet another mistery...

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  1. dylan says:

    i enjoyed the videos! ^_^

  2. Dariana says:

    Ha! Asta nu-i nimic! Uite-aici articol de Esquire, compus de un domn distins, care cica vine si cu dovezi cum ca nu...americanii nu-s prosti! Te rog! Pahleaaase!

  3. Aleera says:

    Oh, well...vis-a-vis the 1st video: they expect the foreigners to know all that and MUCH more when they take the citizenship test. Mmm...and they don't even know what the Congress does!!! Booo...retards!

  4. Claudel says:

    haha, ai vazut ce fata a facut blonda aia? lol parca era la ultima intrebare spre 1 miliard de $ si era chiar cea mai grea intrebare din concurs :))))