A few words about Perfection! Perfect People Aka Soul Mates!

A few words about Perfection! Perfect People Aka Soul Mates!

Some time ago, not too long ago it was like yesterday but only the year before this one. After being friends for years with this girl, one day we meet again on the street, i was in a rush to get home from work and there she was walking towards me on the street, at the bit of the second i saw her, it was like she was walking in slow motion(ya Noe like in the movies:)... you know that feeling when you're body almost starts shivering, those butterflies.. that was the moment when i had fallen in love... in a second, but that second for me was like hours passing by, it was just mind blowing.

So we sat there in the middle of the street talking for like 5 minutes about simple stuff so simple that i almost remember every word, and we agreed to talk later on, online to share whats new on both sides and how life is going. We were online chatting like crazy for hours... don't even remember how many, BUT plenty even till morning. The next day she asked me if i wanna go for a walk later on, and the evening came so there we were walking beside Danube River.. it was getting dark and now everything looks even better at night, all those lights, we walked allot even tho i haven't felt my legs hurting or anything (wonder why:P) and somehow we were both starring at the moon at the same time, it was so beautiful.. and its reflections on the water were the same. So there we were holding in each others arms, watching the moon.. the water... it was so calm, even tho before that every single corner was crowded with people... lovers.. noisy kids.. families walking by.. also allot of music from many different places that varied in types, but in that moment when we were holding in each others arms it was like everyone and everything simply vanished, surprisingly the moon was getting bigger or at least that was the effect shown on the water, its glittering reflections were so astonishing that you were merely hypnotised, we were staring at the sky, from time to time you could hear our wishers.. "isn't that beautiful" / "indeed it is" / "are you cold?" / "no I'm fine thanks" and we just sat there for hours talking about life and many others.

And yet again another day just passed by and the day when she had to leave came so fast.. that i was so disappointed i didn't even know what to do next... after i got home it was almost 3 o'clock in the morning and i couldn't sleep anymore... it was like my mind was left behind, back there and my body was at home, at least that makes sense. So she left (in another country) the next day and yet again we agreed to keep in touch online, but ya Noe everything goes well for a while but then you start missing so much and it hurts... she was for me "that missing piece" that "Perfect for you" that Soul Mate or w/e you wanna call it, we had so many things in common that i was thinking she's a clone of mine but with a different gender :) Yes a hilarious joke but pretty much true. To just jump over and get to the actual point of this blog entry, we were able to be together 3 days off/at 3-4 months or at least when she could come, she was in school so it was pretty hard to just leave and fly to me, so she was coming only in school's vacations. Even tho there was that big big distance between us, even tho online wasn't that great as for real, we tried, at least i know i tried to make it work, so it did work for a while until she had to move to US, that's merely another level of distance that can't be solved easily. So even tho i found it, that missing piece and everything was great, i couldn't have it so i believe it was either faith or just life that sucked up that single dream i had to be vanished. So in the end it doesn't really matter how many frogs you kiss 'till that missing piece comes into your life and it doesn't matter for how much time cuz its worth it, because in most cases it doesn't last, but hopefully for others even with that small chance, maybe others will be more lucky at keeping their so called Soul Mate close and never let go. Because it's hard if not VERY HARD to find it, but when you do find it, do not cage it just keep it close, as close as possible and as much as possible, if not forever.

But what's more important is the fact that just dreaming about it, won't just pop the person out of the blue for you to have it, like i said you have to kiss allot of frogs 'till that happens, and I'm sure you won't regret any of that because after each frog you kiss, you'll learn something, about others... about you and what exactly is that you want, otherwise you'll keep in your head the image of that Shining Knight coming at you on a white horse 'till you'll get old enough to give up and accept anything that comes by no matter you like it or not, just because you don't wanna be lonely for the rest of your life. Like I've said its your job to find it cuz it won't just pop up at your door one day just because you feed yourself with all those dreams. And yes life can be cruel, life can turn everything against you, but if you are on top you will be always on top. But if you'll waste your time suffering or even allowing yourself to suffer, its just a waste, a big waste of your own self and time which is life in other words. Because anyway anyhow that dream is real, that person exists but if you just compare past with future and person with person you will never be able to find it.

Because that missing piece, that Soul Mate, in fact it lays inside of anyone but you won't be able to see it even if its right beside you/in front of you, if you are not prepared. To find it you will have to be able to see other people defects as qualities, and have lower expectations, otherwise with high hopes and high expectations you will miss it for sure. Everything lies into simple things, so simple that its merely silly, its nothing euphoric, extraordinary nor anything like such. It's just another person like any other that in her/his simple ways of doing things, moves you, makes you feel surprisingly good, makes you feel like a real Man/Woman but that's about it, it isn't anything else then just pure feelings, passion and straight love out of two bodies and two souls united as one. Other issues about Soul Mates that change your way of thinking for allot of time is that not every time the feelings are mutual and not in all cases its 50/50, while for you it might be the perfect one, you might not be for the other person, so yea you can't rush love, you'll have to work hard to earn it and even so it doesn't work all the times.

The second issues whom merely has the same importance, do not take shortcuts... even tho at that moment it might seem to be right later on you'll end up feeling the differ, and this is about Sex, yes that's right, i know men do have needs but if you keep your mind occupied with other stuff and keep in mind that rushing things almost every time ruins everything, you'll get to feel and see that a kiss is enough, a hug is enough, a simple touch is enough and for sure when THE time comes you'll know it (both of you) that right time when both feel the Need to go further, to the next level. If you didn't knew premature sex can ruin a relationship or just it won't last, so the more you wait the more enjoyable it will be when it happens, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't have sex, its just a period of time when both people have to connect, have to have feelings and only after that you will Make Love, otherwise its purely sex and that's just about it, sooner or later one of you will get bored and will want something New, cuz DA! that's about everything you can offer, if you give all from the start eventually you won't have anything else to discover, its like a flower with a short life once it blossoms you have to take care of it otherwise it will die.

So those two are very important, the sex and the feelings are both important in a relationship, but when one fails to work the problems come... even tho both issues can be worked out, many just choose to move on without wasting their time to work on their problems, and that's why you see so many couples falling apart :) why to work it when you can get a new one you say ? well in fact both require almost the same amount of time but everything lays in people choices, and of course many times they do realise long time after if it was a good or a bad choice. Hope this would be helpful for all the people out there that are looking for something like this or similar to such called Soul Mate.

I hope you like it, if not make sure you comment anything you dislike/disagree with!

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  1. Liz says:

    Ma dor ochii... ai scris ceva ceva... suna mai bine in engleza decat ar fi sunat in romaneste povestea ta de dragoste si sfaturile pertinente...
    Iti sta bine engleza!

  2. Claudel says:

    merci, sper ca ti-a placut:)

  3. oh my God!!!tot c pot spune este k mi-a placut la nebunie :x in alte cazuri nu as fi stat sa citesc atat d mult, dar pot spune k nu mi-am mai putut lua ochii de la monitor :) povestea ta mi-a acapart atentia si am stat sa citesc pana la capat si q foarte mare atentie.Ai talent din plin sa stii ... si pot spune k sunt d acord q tot c ai scris acolo , exceptand un singur lucru : nu cred k ar trebui sa iti cauti singur soul mate-ul deoarece q kt kuti mai mult , q atat t indepartezi ...parerea mea este k trebuie sa stai si va veni la tn...nu sa stai sa visezi in fiekre zi la Fat Frumos ... dar sa astepti pur si simplu ...

  4. Claudel says:

    merci ptr comment, stii cum e treaba aia daca nu am avea fiecare pareri diferite sau cel putin proprii atunci ar fi totul banal, asa sa zicem ca e mai interesant, nu-mi place sa judec parerile altora ptr ca oricum chiar daca ash incerca tot nu ar schimba sau influenta cu nimic, asa ca GL in cautare :)