Different types of Love

So after watching these vids, i was like wow, OK let's think about it, is it just media market? is everything setup and sold for screen? is that how is supposed to be or its just for real. While i was wondering about that kind of stuff i finally got to see the last parts of the show, when the girls were talking about themselves i got to see there were sparkles involved and it wasn't really just for the show nor about media. And yea like they said, men's are simple and relationships between guys and girls are pretty much set on different level then girls with girls, so in a way it would be clear that we don't see these things the same nor in the same colors and yea it seems more complicated then its really seen on TV. In a way to me it looks like in relationships like this many things differ and for sure its another type of love a much more complicated side of love then just a normal girl vs guy thing and for sure we, the boys have to learn alot more about what a woman really wants, because sometimes we're so clueless we give bad vibes and they get everything wrong just because we're not there to show them exactly what they want nor feed them with the same exact type of feelings so that the relationship last as long as we want it to be. So in the end yea i do realise we have alot more to learn about them and what they want so we can handle them for real and not just hide behind some words just to make them feel good and accept us the way we are, just plain simple and with simple needs.

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  1. cory says:

    hm...si eu care credeam ca sunt singura care urmareste tila tequila :))

  2. Claudel says:

    nopes, as you can see :-)