Tube illusion

Take a cardboard tube, such as from a kitchen paper role, and hold it close to your eye, while keeping the other eye open. Look at a bright wall. The disk-shaped area seen through the tube will appear strikingly brighter than the same surface area viewed by the other eye. The effect is reminiscent of a flashlight illuminating the area under consideration. The effect takes a few seconds to fully develop. It also works with a textured surface where it enhances not only the brightness and color, but also the detail.

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  1. Just tried it 2-3 times, but nothing really happens, at least nothing from what you stated it should happen. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. The only thing I got is a bruised eye :D

  2. Tried it. I think it works, but not exactely as you said it will. (i tried it with a tube from a paper roll:D

  3. Docica says:

    it's fun and for me it work, but no verry easy. anyway, it isn't so glow

  4. Niggerul says:

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  5. Dalinda says:

    Interesting thing to do when you need a short break at work or at home:)) Can you imagine your co-workers face seeing you doing this. Computer Addicted try with another type of paper, not such a thin one

  6. irina says:

    It's not working for me ...

  7. Interesting idea but not tested yet. Must try soon :)

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  9. unalta says:

    Yes it works indeed, I tried to look at a piece of cloth and the color and the level of detail was improved.

  10. transport says:

    Didn't try it yet but I think it should work. It's pure physics in play here. By the way, these kind of illusion tricks are used by many magicians nowadays in order to develop astonishing magic tricks.

  11. Anonymous says:


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